Colonial Consulting Offers Discretionary Model

Colonial Consulting Offers Discretionary Model

New York, NY, July 11, 2018 – Colonial Consulting, LLC is pleased to announce that we now offer the option of fully discretionary investment consulting.  One of Colonial’s existing clients, the Amarillo Area Foundation, recently became our first fully discretionary client.

We have come to the conclusion that by providing both non-discretionary advisory investment consulting and discretionary investment consulting services, new and existing clients will be able to choose the service model that best suits their individual needs.  All Colonial clients will be afforded the opportunity to select advisory or discretionary services for the investment decision-making process and/or the administrative functions required to implement investment decisions.

Clients and their investment committees will approve an investment policy statement under both our advisory and discretionary models.  However, under the discretionary model, Colonial will make individual investment decisions within the limits of the investment policy statement without investment-committee approval.  The second aspect of institutional investment consulting is the administrative requirements involved in managing an institutional portfolio, such as executing documents and directing the funding and redemption of investments.  Colonial clients will have the option of having Colonial oversee these administrative tasks under either a fully discretionary or advisory model.

A critical guiding principle was to ensure that we minimize to the fullest extent possible the impact of this expansion of Colonial’s offerings on our existing advisory clients.  Toward that end, we will charge the same fee for the investment-recommendation/decision-making portions of our service, whether it be advisory or discretionary.  Any client who wishes to grant Colonial the authority to complete the administrative tasks of executing transactions to implement investment decisions will be charged a small administrative fee to address the impact on our operational infrastructure and regulatory compliance.

Colonial has spent the last year diligently preparing to offer fully discretionary services to ensure that we can meet the fiduciary requirements of offering such services.  In the words of Charlie Georgalas, Colonial’s CEO, “Colonial is very excited about the changes in our service model, as we believe it will help enhance our mission of using capitalism to make the world a better place, by helping charitably-minded clients generate better investment returns.”